Supreme Court Verdict on Article 370 Ignites Political Debates in India and Pakistan

Supreme Court ruling on Article 370 sparks controversy between India and Pakistan, raising political tensions in the region.

Dec 11, 2023 - 14:32
Dec 16, 2023 - 05:29
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Supreme Court Verdict on Article 370 Ignites Political Debates in India and Pakistan

After the Supreme Court's decision on Article 370, Pakistan is in turmoil, calling it a betrayal to Kashmiris. The court affirmed the central government's right decision to abrogate Article 370, deeming it constitutional. During the hearing, the court also ordered elections in Jammu and Kashmir by September 2024.

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Supreme Court's Decision Rattles Pakistan

The Supreme Court's verdict has brought an end to all disputes regarding Article 370, causing unrest in Pakistan. According to Pakistani media, the country's foreign ministry may issue a response by Monday evening. Meanwhile, former Pakistani Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif tweeted, accusing the Indian Supreme Court of violating international laws by going against UN resolutions.

'Court Betrayed the Kashmiris'

He claimed that the court has betrayed the sacrifices of millions of Kashmiris, and the decision will be considered an assassination of justice. It's worth noting that when Article 370 was abrogated in 2019, Pakistan opposed it vehemently, even raising the issue on several international platforms. This year, India also organized some G-20 meetings in Kashmir. During this time, Home Minister Amit Shah presented the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Bill in the Rajya Sabha. It's worth mentioning that the bill has already been passed in the Lok Sabha.

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The bill, presented by Home Minister Amit Shah, seeks to reorganize Jammu and Kashmir, providing it with a more robust administrative structure. During this period, the Chief Minister-designate Mohan Yadav is set to be sworn in on December 13 in Bhopal, marking a significant moment in Madhya Pradesh's political history.

The decision by the Indian Supreme Court to uphold the abrogation of Article 370 has intensified the political landscape, not only domestically but also in Pakistan. The former Prime Minister's criticism underscores the deep-rooted tensions between the two nations regarding the Kashmir issue.

In response to the Supreme Court's decision, India emphasizes its commitment to constitutional principles and the welfare of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. The court's assertion of the government's right decision adds another layer to the ongoing dialogue surrounding the region.

As Pakistan reacts to the court's verdict, the international community will likely closely monitor the situation. The historic decision and its aftermath are expected to shape the narrative around the Kashmir issue and the bilateral relations between India and Pakistan in the foreseeable future.

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