Ranchi Land Scam: ED Questions CM Hemant Soren

Jan 20, 2024 - 04:19
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Ranchi Land Scam: ED Questions CM Hemant Soren

Ranchi, 20 January: The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has commenced questioning Chief Minister Hemant Soren in Ranchi over the Badgaon land scam. Around 1 PM, a team of six ED officers arrived at the Chief Minister's residence on Kanke Road. Upon arrival, the officers were asked to provide identification at the main gate before being allowed entry.

The ED's interrogation comes amid heightened security measures, extending from the CM's residence to the ED's office on Airport Road. The probe into the land scam led the ED to summon CM Soren for the eighth time on 13 January, requesting his presence between 16 and 20 January. The agency had instructed Soren to specify a date and location for recording his statement within two days.

The ED had warned that failure to appear within the specified dates would necessitate their visit to his residence, potentially posing law and order challenges. This responsibility was communicated to the state's Chief Secretary and DGP to ensure the maintenance of order.

Following this, on 16 January, Hemant Soren informed the ED in writing that they could record his statement at the CM House on Kanke Road on 20 January. Notably, the ED is investigating the Badgaon land case involving document tampering and fraud. In this case, including IAS Chhavi Ranjan, around one and a half dozen individuals have already been arrested by the ED. Now, the agency is keen to question Hemant Soren about his role in this matter.

Previously, Soren was first summoned on 14 August 2023, followed by dates on 24 August, 9 September, 23 September, 4 October, 12 December, and from 30 December 2023 to 5 January 2024.

These multiple summonses indicate the ED's persistent efforts in investigating the intricate details of the land scam. The questioning of Chief Minister Hemant Soren is a significant step in uncovering the layers of this complex case. The involvement of high-ranking officials and the series of arrests highlight the seriousness of the allegations.

The Badgaon land scam, which has captured the state's attention, involves allegations of document forgery and fraudulent transactions in government land records. The ED's thorough investigation aims to unravel the extent of the irregularities and identify all individuals involved.

As the Chief Minister faces the ED's inquiry, the outcome of this interrogation could have far-reaching implications for both his political career and the governance in the state. The law enforcement's strict approach in ensuring compliance with the summons and maintaining law and order during this period reflects the gravity of the situation.

With the ED intensifying its probe, all eyes are on the developments at the Chief Minister's residence in Ranchi. This case is not just about the alleged land scam but also about the integrity and accountability of those in power. The state awaits the results of this high-profile investigation, which could potentially bring significant changes in the political and administrative landscape of Jharkhand.

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