Alcohol Found in Bike's Fuel Tank! Police Stunned by Smuggler's Ingenious Method to Transport Liquor

Maharashtra police discovered a motorcycle with its fuel tank modified to smuggle liquor bottles in a prohibition area, leading to the arrest of two smugglers.

Dec 29, 2023 - 06:34
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Alcohol Found in Bike's Fuel Tank! Police Stunned by Smuggler's Ingenious Method to Transport Liquor

In the prohibition-enforced district of Gadchiroli in Maharashtra, alcohol smugglers continue to find innovative ways to supply liquor to enthusiasts despite the ban. Every time the police catch these smugglers, they are often surprised by the new methods of smuggling. A recent case in Chamorshi left the police astonished at the cunning tactics employed.

The police had received information about alcohol smuggling in the area. Following this tip-off, they set up a trap near an old hostel for tribal girls in Chamorshi and began an intensive search. During this operation, they stopped two young men and searched their motorcycle, leading to the discovery of several bottles of alcohol. The police immediately took both smugglers into custody. Further investigation revealed several bottles of alcohol cleverly concealed in the fuel tank of a Pulsar bike. The accused revealed that they were on their way to Chamorshi to smuggle the liquor on their Pulsar.

Motorcycle's Seat Concealed the Petrol Tank

The police were initially baffled about how the motorcycle was operating without petrol in the tank, especially after discovering bottles of alcohol in it. On closer inspection, it was found that the smugglers had ingeniously modified the motorcycle by fitting a petrol tank underneath the seat.

This incident has highlighted the lengths to which smugglers will go to transport alcohol in areas where it is banned, using inventive methods to evade law enforcement. The police are now more vigilant about such innovative tactics and are working to curb these illegal activities effectively.

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