UN Condemns Atrocities Against Hindu and Christian Women in Pakistan

The United Nations has condemned Pakistan for ongoing atrocities against Hindu and Christian women, including forced marriages and conversions. Despite complaints, Pakistan has not taken action. UN experts criticize Pakistan for failing to provide security to minority women and urge immediate measures to stop the abuses.

Apr 13, 2024 - 04:10
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UN Condemns Atrocities Against Hindu and Christian Women in Pakistan
Image Source : AP

Recently, the United Nations has strongly condemned the atrocities against Hindu and Christian women in Pakistan. The UN has taken serious note of the ongoing abuses against these minority women in Pakistan.

Pakistan has been perpetrating acts such as forced marriages, forced conversions, abortions, misconduct, sexual violence, kidnappings, and child marriages against Hindu and Christian minority women. 

Despite complaints from these women, the Pakistani government has not taken any action against the perpetrators. In response, the United Nations has expressed its displeasure towards Pakistan.

UN experts have criticized Pakistan for not providing adequate security to Hindu and Christian women. They have expressed disappointment over the lack of security for women and girls from minority communities, especially the Christian and Hindu communities, in Pakistan.

The experts have stated that the country needs to fulfill its obligations under relevant international agreements to address these issues. They have emphasized that the forced conversion, abduction, trafficking, child marriage, domestic servitude, and sexual violence against Christian and Hindu girls must not be tolerated anymore.

The United Nations has urged Pakistan to stop the abuse against Hindu and Christian women. The UN has stated that Pakistan must prevent such crimes against women.

According to a statement from the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, experts have said that such behavior towards women and girls from religious minority communities is unacceptable. They have said that Pakistan needs to uphold its responsibilities under agreements and stop incidents of forced religious conversion.

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