Gyanvapi Masjid Case: Muslim side angry with court's decision on Gyanvapi, planning to challenge in HC

Tensions Rise as Religious Rituals Ignite Protest and Security Measures

Feb 1, 2024 - 13:35
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Gyanvapi Masjid Case: Muslim side angry with court's decision on Gyanvapi, planning to challenge in HC

Gyanvapi Case: A deepening dispute over religious rituals conducted in the basement of Gyanvapi Masjid has led to heightened tensions, prompting the Muslim community in Banaras to declare a shutdown this Friday.

Following the performance of religious ceremonies, members of the Muslim community in Banaras announced the closure of their shops in protest. The Anjuman Intejamia Committee of the mosque issued a statement declaring that markets would be shut down in opposition to the puja and chanting taking place in the mosque's basement. The statement also outlined plans for special prayers to be held within the mosque after the Friday prayers.

The Muslim community's strong opposition to the puja and chanting has prompted the declaration of a shutdown. The Anjuman Intejamia Committee issued a letter explaining their stance and appealed for peaceful prayers to be read after the Friday prayers. In response to the shutdown announcement, strict security measures have been implemented in Muslim-majority areas.

Addressing the spread of misinformation, the committee refuted rumors circulating through various media channels claiming that worship was conducted at this location 31 years ago. The committee clarified that such claims are entirely false and should not be propagated.

In a noteworthy development, the Varanasi District Court delivered a significant verdict on Wednesday regarding the puja and chanting in the Gyanvapi Masjid's basement. The judge granted permission for the religious rituals. Subsequently, Varanasi Commissioner, District Magistrate, and Police Commissioner visited the Gyanvapi Masjid in the late hours of the night.

The basement door was opened in the presence of the District Magistrate, followed by thorough cleaning and purification rituals. Acharya Ganeshwar Dravid then installed the kalash, performed mantra chanting, and conducted the aarti for Gauri-Ganesha.

The escalating controversy has sparked concerns and discussions within the community, and the situation remains tense as various stakeholders express their positions on the matter. The administration continues to monitor developments closely.

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