Farmer Works Wonders! Grows Mahogany Trees in Desert, Earning Huge Profits

A farmer from Rajasthan has astonished everyone by successfully growing mahogany trees in sandy areas. This tree is also known as the 'money tree' as it is used to make various expensive items. He shared an interesting story behind planting these trees. Learn more.

Dec 26, 2023 - 13:07
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Farmer Works Wonders! Grows Mahogany Trees in Desert, Earning Huge Profits
Cultivation of mahogany trees

Whenever we Indians think of a desert, the image of endless sand comes to mind. Growing trees or plants in such arid regions is a challenge that requires immense effort. As a result, it's rare to see much greenery in these areas. However, in the sandy lands of Rajasthan, a farmer has successfully cultivated mahogany trees and is now earning in lakhs from them.

The western region of Rajasthan, surrounded by sandy outskirts, usually witnesses greenery only during the rainy season. In such an environment, Likhmaram Meghwal, a farmer from Tankla village in Nagaur district, initiated organic farming and planted mahogany trees. He continued his efforts relentlessly until he started earning a significant income from this venture.

90 out of 100 trees perished, but he didn't give up

Likhmaram Meghwal recounts that during the COVID-19 pandemic, he was unemployed and at home. During this period, he was contemplating a type of farming that could be managed from home. He gathered information from YouTube and learned about mahogany trees. The next day, he bought 100 mahogany saplings from the market, but that very night, 90 of them perished. Despite this setback, he didn't give up and planted the remaining 10 trees. He took care of these trees by gathering information from research and agricultural experts.

Likhmaram Meghwal shared that it has been three years since he planted these trees. It takes up to 12 years for them to fully mature. He explained that this plant can withstand high temperatures and doesn't get damaged even in heavy rains, as long as the water doesn't stagnate around it.

Things to keep in mind when planting

Likhmaram Meghwal mentioned that after planting mahogany, it doesn't require much effort. However, it's important to regularly check its roots, as the tree is prone to termite infestation. Farmers should use organic methods and utilize homemade compost and sweet water for these trees.

Why is mahogany known as the 'money tree'?

Mahogany is often referred to as the 'money tree'. The reason behind this is that high-quality weapons are made using the wood from this tree. Additionally, it's used in boats, furniture, plywood, decorative items, and sculptures because the wood doesn't deteriorate quickly. This high demand in the market ensures that its price ranges between 1500 to 2000 rupees per cubic foot.

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