The used car sales in USA is projected account for a revenue of $1.3 Bn with owing to advanced technology in automobiles and resolvent of chip issue in the industry: Ken Research

  • Consumer shift from public transport to personal vehicle will lead to rising demand of used cars.
  • Increasing awareness about buying and selling used cars through advertisements and entry of new players will provide a major boost to used car market growth.
  • Easy availability of credit for financing pre-owned cars along with attractive interest rates and user-friendly buyer experience is to boost sales in future.

Continuous Product Innovation and New Business Models: New business models such as “Value for Many” will redefine future business propositions and product development. The “make one, sell many” concept implies producing and selling the same product or service to the masses in developing countries or leveraging the market globally.

Digital Transformation: Larger number of independent and multi-brand dealers are expected to shift towards online platforms and increase their digital presence. Use of advanced technologies such as AI to valuate cars online, 360-degree view of the interiors of the car and more to enhance digital experience of consumers will drive the market. Social media will play a major role in generating leads for dealers & end consumers by virtue of offering advertisements at a lower cost with respect to other traditional marketing channels.

Trends and Recent Developments: The development of technology and internet have provided all the information to the consumers regarding vehicle value, market prices, profit margin of seller, quality and condition of the car and more where service providers in used cars market are adopting technologies in their business operations. Recent technological trends in the automotive sector include AI, Biometric Seat Capabilities, Biometric Seat Capabilities, 3D printing in car manufacturing, Internet of Things, Automatic Lift Gate and Electric Vehicles.

Market Potential: The semiconductor chip shortage in USA has led to diminishing growth in the new vehicle inventory, which is increasing the demand for used vehicles in the market. This trend is expected to further continue in the near future for at least a span of 2+ years, until the chip shortage is solved.

Analysts at Ken Research in their latest publication USA Used Car Market Outlook to 2026F– Driven by an influx of digital players along with consumer demand for personal mobility and affordable pricing by Ken Research observed that Used Car Market in USA is growing at a robust CAGR more than 40k Used cars being sold as a result of increased market supply along with a shift towards organized and transparent trade. The availability of financing options, online presence of new emergent players and increasing digital penetration is expected to contribute to the market growth over the forecast period. The USA Used Car Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.4% in revenue terms over the forecasted period 2021-2026F.


USA Used Car Market Segmentations:-

By Market Structure

Organized Sector

Unorganized Sector

Organized Sector

Multi-Brand Non-Franchise

Online e-Commerce Local Dealers

OEM Certified

Unorganized Sector

C2C Transactions

Auction (B2C)

Local Dealerships

By Type of Car


Pickup Truck





By Type of Transmission

Manual Transmission

Automatic Transmission

By Type of Fuel




By Private or Commercial



By Miles Driven

20,000- 45,000 Miles

45,000-100,000 Miles

100,000-200,000 Miles

Above 200,000 Miles

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By Age of the Car

0-2 Years

2-5 Years

5-10 Years

More than 10 Years

By Region-wise Dealerships




North East

By Brand










Key Target Audience:-

Used Car Companies



Online Used Car Portals

Used Car Financing Companies

Government Bodies

Investors & Venture Capital Firms

Used Car Dealerships

Used Car Industry

Used Car Manufacturing Companies

Used Car Distributors

Used Car Auction Houses

Used Car Associations

Time Period Captured in the Report:-

Historical Year: 2016-2020

Base Year: 2021

Forecast Period: 2022–2026F

Companies Covered:-

Major Franchised- Multi-Brands

EnterPrise Car Sales

Penske Automotive Group Inc.

Hertz Car Sales

North West Motor Sport

Asbury Automotive

AutoNation Inc.

STG Auto Group

Group 1 Automotive Inc


Sonic Automotive – Echopark

Avis Budget Car Sales

Major Marketplace Companies



Major Auction Market Players


Greater Rockford Auction Group


Copart Inc.

McConkey Auction

KAR Auction Services

ACV Auctions

Auto Auction Mall

Major Online E-Commerce Platform




Shift Technologies

Key Topics Covered in the Report:-

USA Automotive Market Overview

USA Used Car Market Overview

USA Used Car Auction Market

USA Used Car Finance Market

USA Online E-commerce Used Car Market

Market Ecosystem

Value chain Analysis

Customer Buying Journey in USA

Decision Making Parameters for Customers

Offline and Online Business Models

Detailed Analysis on USA Used Car Market (Market Size, 2021; Market Segmentations, 2021; Competition Analysis; Future Market Size and Segmentations, 2026F; Future Trends and Way Forward

Snapshot on Online Used Car Platforms in USA

Snapshot of Used Car Auction House in USA

Snapshot of Finance Market in USA

Business Opportunity (Customer Profile Analysis)

Analyst Recommendations

For more information on the research report, refer to below link:-

USA Used Car Market

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