Tele-Dentistry, Technological advancement, Increased Government Initiatives for providing Health Insurance and promoting Dental Tourism are major growth factors driving the Singapore Dental Services Market: Ken Research

Technological Advancement: Singapore Dental Services Market have undergone enormous technological improvements recently, right from improved machinery to 3D reports.​ It can improve the preventive care process.

Quality Services: Singapore Dental Services are of top-notch quality which makes it competitive with respect to other countries like Western Europe or North America which charge more but doesn’t provide premium quality services. On the other hand, Dental Services expenditures in Singapore are higher than in nearby Asian nations like India or Thailand due to the better quality of services.

Promising Government Initiatives: Government has increased expenditure to further subsidize healthcare​. The CHAS was enhanced in November 2019 with a new tier that extends coverage to all Singaporeans for chronic conditions, regardless of income.​ MediShield Life premiums are subsidized by the government on the basis of income.

Increased Awareness: Increased awareness regarding Oral Health hygiene and the desire to get perfect teeth and perfect smiles especially among the youth and women.​ To cope with this growing demand, both public and private health care providers have recently started expanding and upgrading their services throughout the country.​

Covid-19 led Functional Advancements in Dental Clinics: Singapore Dental Services Market have undergone enormous technological improvements recently. Tele-dentistry or telecommunication consultation with dentists could become one of the solutions to overcome problems related to access to dentists. Post Covid, a lot of Clinics offer partial or complete online treatment of patients.

Upcoming laser dentistry and painless treatment: The traditional dental services are overpowered by advanced dental care services, such as laser dentistry. This painless technology has gained popularity with increasing demand for laser dentistry for extraction of tooth, orthodontics, and periodontal decay.

The report Singapore Dental Services Market Outlook to 2026F– Driven by Rising Dental Awareness, Technological Upgradation and Government’s Health Insurance Programs in Healthcare System by Ken Research provides a comprehensive analysis of the potential of Dental Services Industry in Singapore. The rising Dental consciousness among the population, along with improved technology and Government Health Insurance and Dental Tourism Initiatives, is expected to contribute to the market growth over the forecast period. The Singapore Dental Services Market is expected to grow at a robust CAGR over the forecasted period 2021-2026F.


Key Segments Covered:-

Singapore Dental Services Market

By Types of Services


Cosmetic Dentistry




Others (wisdom teeth removal, facial trauma, corrective jaw surgery and other minor surgeries)

By End Users

Dental Clinics (Organized + Unorganized)


By Dental Clinics

Unorganized Dental Clinics

Organized Dental Clinics

By Revenue Division


International Tourist

By Cities





Others (Botok, Harbour front, marine parade and remaining regions)

Key Target Audience

Dental Service Providers

Dental Equipment Distributors

Dental Equipment Manufacturers

Dental Clinics


Healthcare Companies

Pharmaceutical Companies

Tourism Agencies

Government Bodies & Regulating Authorities

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Time Period Captured in the Report:-

Historical Year: 2018-2021

Base Year: 2021

Forecast Period: 2021– 2026F

Companies Covered:-

Dental Services Providers


Royce Dental Surgery

Advanced Dental Company

Unity Denticare

Family Dental Centre

Nuffield Dental

T32 Dental Group

Greenlife Dental

Toof Dental Surgeon

Healthway Singapore

Key Topics Covered in the Report

Singapore Dental Services Market Overview

Singapore Healthcare Overview

Ecosystem of Singapore Dental Services Market

Business Cycle and Genesis of Singapore Dental Services Market

End User Analysis of Singapore Dental Services Market

Consumer Journey in Singapore Dental Services Market

Consumer Pain Points in Singapore Dental Services Market

Industry Analysis of Singapore Dental Services Market

SWOT Analysis of Singapore Dental Services Market

Key Growth Drivers in Dental Service Market in Singapore

Major Challenges and Bottlenecks in Singapore Dental Services Market

Regulatory Framework in Singapore Dental Services Market

Competitive Landscape in in Singapore Dental Services Market

Market Share of Major Dental Services Providers in Singapore Dental Services Market

Detailed Analysis on Singapore Dental Services Market (Market Size and Segmentation, 2016-2021; Future Market Size and Segmentation, 2021-2026F)

Market Opportunity and Analyst Recommendations

For more information on the research report, refer to below link:

Singapore Dental Services Market

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