Pakistan: Man who shot Imran Khan says Khan is misleading people

The man who shot former Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan in the leg during his Azad Rally at Zafar Ali Khan chowk in Wazirabad on 3rd November 2022 was arrested by the Pakistani police on the same day. The arrested attacker, identified as Faisal Butt by Punjab Police, has confessed to having committed the crime and said that he shot Imran Khan as he was misleading the people.

In his confession, Faisal Butt said, “I have done this because Imran Khan was misleading the people. I could not tolerate this. Therefore, I shot at him. I attempted to kill him. Only Imran Khan and nobody else.”

Faisal Butt further said, “I thought doing so because there were decks playing aloud when the Azaan was going on there. Thinking over this, my conscience did not consider these things to be good. I was convinced to do this from the morning itself. Rather, I was thinking of shooting him right from the day he left Lahore and took his march. Since then, it was clear to me that I should not spare him.”

When asked if he is part of any group, he said that he was acting alone. Faisal Butt added, “No one is with me. There is no force backing me. I am all alone. I came here on my own bike from my home. I parked my bike near my uncle’s shop. He runs a motorcycle showroom.”

Videos of the incident have emerged which show that a man had tried to stop Faisal by snatching the gun from him.

Meanwhile, Imran Khan is reported to be out of danger after three bullet injuries to his leg. Cricketer turned politician Imran Khan has blamed Interior Minister Rana Salaullah for the attack. Imran Khan has also reportedly expressed his concern for the people injured during the stampede that took place as a result of the sudden attack.

On Thursday, November 3, former Pakistan PM Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan was reportedly injured as shots were fired near his ‘Azadi march’ container. The firing reportedly happened when Imran Khan’s container was anchored at Wazirabad on Thursday afternoon. Imran Khan was taken away on a stretcher to a hospital with a heavy security cordon surrounding him.

As per reports, besides the PTI chief, one person was killed and four other officials of the Tehreek-e-Insaf party, including a senior aide to PTI chief Senator Faisal Javaid, Ahmad Chattha, and Imran Yousaf, were also injured in the gunshot attack.

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