Pakistan: Imran Khan injured after firing attack at his Azadi March, shooter killed

On Thursday, November 3, former Pakistan PM and Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan has reportedly been injured as shots were fired near his ‘Azadi march’ container in Zafar Ali Khan chowk in Wazirabad, Pakistan, news agency ANI quoted Pakistan media as reporting. Imran Khan has reportedly been shot in the leg. Doctors have said that Khan’s condition is stable.

The firing reportedly happened when Imran Khan’s container was anchored at Wazirabad on Thursday afternoon. The attacker has been arrested.

As per reports, Imran Khan has been shot in the leg. Videos have emerged on social media, wherein Imran Khan is seen being taken away on a stretcher to a hospital with a heavy security cordon surrounding him.

Another video that has emerged shows Imran Khan being escorted to his car after allegedly receiving the bullet injury.

As per reports, besides the PTI chief, one person was killed and four other officials of the Tehreek-e-Insaf party, including a senior aide to PTI chief Senator Faisal Javaid, Ahmad Chattha, and Imran Yousaf, were also injured in the gunshot attack.

Furthermore, the firing caused panic among the marchers which triggered a stampede in which many people also got injured.

The police has said that the police have arrested two people in connection with the firing on PTI’s long march container.

Notably, only on Sunday, Imran Khan announced that he was calling off the ‘Haqeeqi Azadi March’. The decision came after a female journalist died on October 30 after being crushed under his container. The deceased was identified as local news house Channel 5 reporter Sadaf Naeem.

Geo News reported that Sadaf was hit by the container carrying Khan but it was not confirmed.

As per latest report, the person who had opened fire at Imran Khan’s rally has been shot dead.

After the tragic incident, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Tweeted, “We are ending today’s march due to an accident. We have decided to stop here.”

On 28th October 2022, Pakistan’s former prime minister Imran Khan commenced his Azadi March from Lahore to Islamabad. In a video message posted on Twitter before the march, the former cricketer who is now a politician explained that the goal of the rally was to prevent “foreign puppets” from running Pakistan, not to advance “personal or political” goals.

The PTI leader’s long-standing demand that the current government call early elections is considered the impetus behind the march. The 70-year-old leader is leading this rally for the second time. A similar march that Khan had organized earlier in May ended violently and in bloodshed after police and PTI protesters battled in numerous places.

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