No, Invincible hasn’t secretly been renewed for a fourth season

Update: Amazon Studios has responded to TechRadar’s request for an official comment on Rogen’s quotes. The company’s entertainment division confirmed “nothing official has been announced” regarding Invincible season 4, so the show’s second and third seasons are the only entries currently in development.

Original story follows.

Invincible season 4 could already be in development at Amazon Studios, if comments made by Seth Rogen are to be believed.

Rogen, who executively produces and stars in one of the best Prime Video shows around, appeared to accidentally reveal that a fourth season of the R-rated animated series is on the way. Rogen seemingly leaked the news in a chat with Collider, suggesting that more than two seasons of Invincible were currently being worked on.

“Yeah, that I’ve been working on, too,” Rogen said. “I’ve been working on the next few seasons of that [Invincible], and it’s amazing. They [Amazon] have been very supportive of us doing this crazy stuff. It’s truly great.”

Rogen’s surprising turn of phrase comes as fans continue to wait for the arrival of Invincible season 2. In April 2021, Amazon confirmed that Invincible had been renewed for two more seasons, which wasn’t a major surprise. The wildly popular series became an overnight hit for Prime Video following its brutal and electrifying season 1 finale, so its double season renewal was justified in the eyes of its creators and fanbase alike.

Further updates on Invincible seasons 2 and 3 have arrived intermittently over the past 18 months. In March 2022, showrunner Simon Racioppa exclusively told TechRadar that the Invincible crew was “working hard” to complete both seasons as soon as possible. A month later, lead voice actor Steven Yeun confirmed he had returned to the recording booth to lay down his vocals for the show’s second season.

Since then, though, news has been harder to come by. Khary Payton, who plays Black Sansom in Invincible’s TV adaptation, told The Movie Dweeb YouTube channel that he had finished recording lines for season 2 and was in the process of doing so for its follow-up. That was the last we’d heard of Invincible’s development cycle until Rogen’s chat with Collider.

Amazon appears to be holding back on any official Invincible news, season 4 or otherwise. (Image credit: Amazon Prime Video)

Rogen’s comments don’t officially confirm that Invincible season 4 is a thing. Rogen may have chosen the wrong word to describe development on seasons 2 and 3, with his use of the word “few” potentially describing the two seasons that are being worked on.

Still, Rogen could have said “the next couple of seasons” instead. Saying “few” implies that work is progressing on more than two seasons, giving fans – ourselves included – the chance to speculate on the prospect that Invincible will return for a fourth season.

Given how popular Invincible’s TV series is, we’d be shocked if Amazon doesn’t greenlight more installments. Sure, a fourth season will depend on whether audiences tune into seasons 2 and 3. But, based on the amount of viewers its first season drew in, it’s more than likely that it’ll be renewed for more entries, rather than be cancelled (or end) post-season 3.

The show has only scratched the surface of the beloved comic series, too, which was created by Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker, and Ryan Ottley. With the 20th anniversary of Invincible’s comic book franchise set to arrive in January 2023, here’s hoping we finally get an Invincible season 2 release date announcement. Confirmation about whether a fourth season is in active development wouldn’t go amiss either.

In the meantime, check out our Invincible season 1 review. Alternatively, read our exclusive interview with Invincible’s cast and crew about how the first season mirrors The Boys and Batman’s TV adaptations, or find out why its season 1 finale is the blueprint that seasons 2 and 3 should follow.

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