Dr. Chris Allen, Islamist sympathizer who had tried to blame Hindus for Leicester violence steps down from ‘independent inquiry’

Professor Dr. Chris Allen, a known Islamist sympathizer and known for his prejudiced views about Hindus was recently named by Leicester mayor peter Soulsby to lead an ‘independent inquiry’ into the Leicester violence. After the local Hindus residents raised objections over his selection, Allen stepped down.

When Peter Soulsby made the announcement on Wednesday, October 26, he said Dr. Allen, an associate professor of hate crimes at the University of Leicester (UoL), came highly recommended to him by a “range of people” from varied backgrounds. However, within 24 hours, the decision had been widely condemned by local councilors, several local Hindu organizations, and on social media.

Chris Allen has now “reluctantly” decided to pull out, stating that he no longer believes he can conduct the review impartially “in the current climate.” 

“I have reluctantly taken the decision to step down from the role because I no longer feel confident that my team and I are capable of conducting the review in such a way that the resulting findings would meet the necessary levels of academic scrutiny,” Dr. Allen said.

Professor Allen also claimed that his pulling out from the review was not in response to the allegations made against him on social media or the ‘hate’ he has been receiving ever since the announcement of his appointment. 

“It is important to stress that my decision was not made in response to the unprecedented hatred directed at me in previous weeks or the false accusations circulating on social media.”

Mayor Peter Soulsby, who commissioned the review, said he understood the decision and will seek to appoint another person or organization to carry it forward, in a way that has the confidence of all the concerned parties.

“I think that it is important to proceed with a review, and will be taking cues locally and nationally on whether any individual or organization could take it forward in a way that has the confidence of all concerned parties,” he said.

Notably, the man behind the controversial appointment, Leicester Mayor Peter Soulsby, had previously met Islamist Majid Freeman, who incited riots against the Hindu community.

“I have today been appointed lead for the independent review into the recent disturbances in East Leicester,” Dr. Allen wrote in a tweet. A tremendous honor for me personally and professionally…”

Soon after the news of Chris Allen’s appointment broke, representatives of 15 Hindu organizations reportedly, vowed to boycott the inquiry led by Dr. Allen.

In a statement on Thursday (October 27), they said: “Though we do not make any judgments regarding the presence of any extreme Islamist influence in the unrest, to make a conclusion prior to the review highlights Allen’s inability to remain independent.”

Hindu organizations had also expressed “little confidence” in Mayor Peter Soulsby’s decision-making process after he had previously blamed the Leicester violence on Hindutva. They also accused the Mayor of breaking his promise by announcing the investigation findings before the end of the festive season.

Harborough MP Neil O Brien took to Twitter to inform about the letter he wrote to Mayor Peter Soulsby and wrote, “The letter I sent to Sir Peter Soulsby today, Dr. Allen has now rightly gone.”

Dr Chris Allen and his anti-Hindu archetypes and his love for Islamists

Chris Allen, 52, is an associate professor at the University of Leicester. He is an expert on ‘Islamophobia, hate, and extremism,’ according to his Twitter profile (which has now been deleted).

Screengrab of Dr Chris Allen’s now-deleted Twitter profile

In September of this year, he authored a propaganda piece in The Conversation in which he blamed the Leicester violence on Hindus while absolving Islamists of any wrongdoing.

“Some will interpret this as Islamist extremism.” Despite the lack of evidence, research shows that “a key trope of Islamophobia is the conflation of all things, Islam, with extremism,” he claimed.

“The mere involvement of Muslims will be evidence enough for some to jump to such a conclusion,” Dr. Allen said, blaming the violence on “Hindutva elements.”

Notably, in addition to Hindu organizations, several reputed journalists have raised concerns about Dr. Chris Allen’s lack of ethical and academic objectivity in his writings.

“It’s a grave error to appoint Dr. Chris Allen to review communal violence in Leicester,” wrote ‘The Daily Telegraph’ columnist Nick Timothy. His writing demonstrates that his conclusions have already been formed. In a nutshell, he blames British Hindus and claims reports of Muslim involvement are “Islamophobic.”

The anti-Hindu scholar believes in the Islamist conspiracy theory regarding the deadly September 11 attacks. Dr. Chris Allen was heard saying in a video that has since surfaced on social media, “So this is something that I can say in a rational objective way.” The BBC reported one of the buildings collapsing before it (actually did).”

“I saw that video on YouTube, and you have the BBC person reporting it while the building is still standing behind him… “What is going on here?” implied the Associate Professor at the University of Leicester.

Dr. Chris Allen was accompanied by Riaz Khan, a 9/11 conspiracy theorist and Islamist who had previously attempted to blame the Hindu community for attacks perpetrated by his co-religionists.

OpIndia had conducted extensive reporting on the anti-Hindu Leceister violence that gave sleepless nights to Islamist sympathizer media outlets and several Islamists. OpIndia had documented how Islamists ran disinformation campaigns against the Hindu community in Leicester, created a solid foundation for violence, and carried out targeted attacks. We also exposed how leftist news portals tried to shield Islamists and blame the Leicester violence on Indian Hindus.

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