Asia Pacific Commercial and Industrial Robots Market by Product Type, by Mobility, by Application, by End-User Industries and Major Countries, Market Size and Growth, Market Outlook and Forecast by Revenue (2017-2027): Ken Research

Commercial and Industrial Robots Definition and Overview

Commercial robots are machines that can help replicate or substitute human actions in a range of application areas including transporting materials within a factory, delivering retail products, supplies, medication and meal, collecting and transmitting data, inspecting, recording videos and monitoring ongoing projects, mapping activities, and more. Industrial Robots are machines that can be automatically controlled and reprogrammed. They come with multipurpose manipulator programmability feature in three or more axes. These industrial robots can either be stationary, fixed to a specific location, or mobile for a range of industrial automation applications. The re-programmability property of industrial robots ensure that the user can change the programmed motions or auxiliary functions without physical alteration. The number of axes in these industrial robots help specify the motion of the robot, either linear or rotary.

Asia Pacific Commercial and Industrial Robots Market Outlook, Drivers, Challenges

The Asia Pacific Commercial and Industrial Robots market is expected to witness a substantial growth of more than 10% over the next five years. The growth in the use of commercial and industrial robots are driven by multiple industries. While an expected labour shortage expands its scope in the manufacturing industry, a surge in the inclination towards online purchases is anticipated to drive the growth in the use of these robots in the e-commerce industry. Ecommerce businesses are leveraging industrial and commercial robots to make their supply chain more efficient by deploying them in their distribution centres and warehouses. Use of commercial robots is also gaining traction owing to their capability of making deliveries faster. Also, the use of these robots in surveillance and communication is making them useful for areas like defence. Continued investment in R&D efforts and spending towards new product launches to capture emerging opportunities are expected to drive growth as well in this space. However, the market is often restricted by high initial investment and deployment costs, especially burdensome for small and medium-sized companies.

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Asia Pacific Commercial and Industrial Robots Market Value Chain Analysis

The Asia Pacific Commercial and Industrial robots market consists of providers of raw materials, such as steel, forged iron, rubber, wires and aluminium. The value chain also includes components suppliers, including the providers of panels, electric motors, sensors, etc. Once these raw materials and components are procured, the manufacturer or OEM designs, fabricates and assembles them into a range of industrial and commercial robot products. The robots are then made available to the end user industries through distributors and other channel partners.

Asia Pacific Commercial and Industrial Robots Market Segmentation

The Asia Pacific Commercial and Industrial Robots market can be segmented based on Product Type into categories such as Articulated Robots, SCARA Robots, Linear Robots, Parallel/Delta Robots, Cylindrical Robots, Autonomous Guided Robots, Field and Service Robots, and Others. Based on their mobility features, these robots can either be Fixed or Mobile. Based on their application, Commercial and Industrial Robots can be segmented into robots for Material Handling, Soldering and Welding, Assembling & Disassembling, Painting & Dispensing, Milling, Cutting and Processing, Picking and Placing, Cleaning and Others. On the basis of end-user industries, the market can be segmented into Automotive, Plastics & Chemicals, Electrical & Electronics, Metal & Machinery, Food & Beverages, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, Defence and Security, Retail & Hospitality and Others. Geographically, the major countries in Asia Pacific are China, Japan, South Korea, India and Taiwan.

Asia Pacific Commercial and Industrial Robots Market Competitive Landscape of Major Competitors

Some key players in the Asia Pacific Commercial and Robotics Market are ABB, Yaskawa Electric Corporation, FANUC Corporation, KUKA AG, Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Stäubli Robotics, Siasun, Robostar and OMRON.

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Impact of Covid-19 on Asia Pacific Commercial and Industrial Robots Market

Manufacturing and construction activities came to a halt as an aftermath of the Covid-19. Procurement chains and supply lines were faced with severe challenges due to disrupted or limited transportation activities. Owing to a decline on both supply and demand sides, many industries decided to reduce their investments in automation activities. These spending cuts affected the commercial and industrial robot’s market. On the other hand, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries started deploying them more vigorously for the delivery of medicines and essential and sterile supplies, and meals in Covid wards. Ecommerce industry also leveraged robots to ramp up their warehouses and delivery hubs that were witnessing increased levels of orders online. However, since 2021 the market has rebounded and is likely to witness a steady growth due to growing preference for automation and robots in various end user industries.

Key Segments Covered in Asia Pacific Commercial and Industrial Robots Market: –

Asia Pacific Commercial and Industrial Robots Market By Product Type

Articulated Robots

SCARA Robots

Linear Robots

Parallel/Delta Robots

Cylindrical Robots

Autonomous Guided Robots

Field and Service Robots


Asia Pacific Commercial and Industrial Robots Market By Mobility



Asia Pacific Commercial and Industrial Robots Market By Application

Material Handling

Soldering and Welding

Assembling & Disassembling

Painting & Dispensing

Milling, Cutting and processing

Picking and Placing



Asia Pacific Commercial and Industrial Robots Market By Type of End User Industry


Plastics & Chemicals

Electrical & Electronics

Metal & Machinery

Food & Beverages

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Defence and Security

Retail & Hospitality


Asia Pacific Commercial and Industrial Robots Market By Geography and Major Countries



South Korea



Key Competitors in Asia Pacific Commercial and Industrial Robots Market


Yaskawa Electric Corporation

FANUC Corporation


Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Stäubli Robotics




Time Period Captured in the Report:

Historical Period: 2017-2021

Forecast Period: 2022-2027F

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Commercial and Industrial Robots Manufacturers

Commercial and Industrial Robots Product Assemblers

Commercial and Industrial Robots Component suppliers

Raw Material Suppliers for Commercial and Industrial Robots

Potential Investors in Commercial and Industrial Robots Companies

Value Added Resellers

Collaborative Robot Manufacturers

Industrial OEMs of Commercial and Industrial Robots

Industrial Automation Solutions Providers

Robotics Companies

Robotics Industry Associations

Robotics Research Groups

Ministries of Electronics and Engineering

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