Apple may launch ultra variant in its new phone iPhone 15

Apple is preparing to launch its new phone, which is the iPhone 15 Ultra. Apple has also said that its new phone will launch Ultra instead of the Pro Max.

Apple’s iPhone 15 Ultra can be the most expensive phone ever. According to a report, the Problem Max version of the iPhone has been replaced by the Ultra version of the Pro Max. The price of the Ultra version of the iPhone 15 can be 1009 $. Its price will be more in India.

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Apple had just launched its iPhone 14 in a hurry but now the reports of iPhone 15 have started coming. It is being told that Apple has removed the name of Pro Max and replaced it with Ultra.

What will Apple do about the price of iPhone 15 Ultra?

According to the tweet of industry insight leak Apple Problem, the price of iPhone 15 Ultra will be more than that of iPhone 14 Pro Max, if the tweet is to be believed then it will cost more than $ 1099 or 1,39,900.
Apple uses the same material in all its Pro Max variants, but in the iPhone 15 Ultra, Apple can change the material according to the price.

Know some new features of Apple iPhone 15 Ultra

Apple has done here in its Ultra Watch, which will not be a new work. Apple can use titanium in its Ultra version and its durability will also increase.

The size of the phone can be 6.7 inches and dynamic island notch can also be given here.
Apple can also use bionic chipset in its new phone According to the report, Apple can focus more on performance and graphics in its new phone iPhone 15 Ultra. Most battery complaints have been received in all Apple phones so far, but Apple can put a bigger battery in this phone.

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