Reasons why dogs follow you into the bathroom


Dogs are loyal and they have an affectionate nature, which often leads them to follow their human companions wherever they go. This includes our private spaces, like the bathroom. You may call them clingy or even cute when they do this but there are very important reasons why they do so. Here are some of the reasons why dogs follow you into the bathroom and you may want to engage a dog behavioural expert for the same.

02/6Constant interaction with their human

Dogs thrive on human companionship. They form strong bonds with their owners and often seek constant interaction. When you enter the bathroom, your dog may see this as an opportunity for shared time and attention. They don’t understand the concept of personal space in the same way humans do, and being near you, even in the bathroom, can bring them comfort and a sense of security.

03/6Pack mentality

Dogs are descendants of wolves, which are pack animals. In a pack, individuals stick together to maintain unity, and safety, and to provide support. By following you into the bathroom, your dog may be displaying pack behaviour and a desire to stay close to the leader of the pack, which is you.

04/6Sense of smell

Dogs have a keen sense of smell. They possess a remarkable olfactory system so they may be detecting scents and odours that we humans cannot perceive. Our bathrooms generally have unique smells and pheromones, so it probably holds a treasure trove of intriguing scents for the dog. It is their curiosity about these new aromas which brings them in with you.

05/6Habit & routine

Dogs thrive on predictability and they feel secure when their daily routine is consistent. If you visit the bathroom at a specific time of day, your dog may have learned to associate that action with your routine and most probably feels compelled to join you.

06/6Separation anxiety

Separation anxiety plays a role in your dog’s bathroom behaviour. Dogs that experience anxiety when separated from their owners may feel distressed when you close the bathroom door. They may worry about being separated from you, which makes them follow you closely to ensure they don’t lose sight of you. When this happens, we suggest you get professional help from a veterinarian or animal behaviourist who can provide guidance on managing separation anxiety.

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